Fresh as a daisy.

Posted: Aug 02 2014

ox-eyes daisy

Everyone has heard the line “ As fresh as a daisy”, but have you ever thought about how that originated? Well, if you’re anything like me, you have. But if you haven’t here is the story behind the idiom. Daisies are considered the freshest of flowers because they “sleep” at night. They actually close their petals when the sun goes down, ergo, they are well-rested and fresh for the next day.

Mom's favorite daisy here in Texas is the ox-eye daisy. The bright white color pops and given time they will reseed and spread into waves of white under the oaks.

As much as I love the story behind the phrase, urban dictionary has the best definition in my opinion. They define “Stay Fresh” as

"a phrase said to only the coolest people to acknowledge their coolness and to tell them to stay cool"

That pretty much sums up the design thought behind the Stay Fresh shirt and what it means to wear it.

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