Our Story

So one day I walked into my mother’s office, looked at the boxes of old photos and magazines scattered across the room and asked,

“Mom, what are you going to do with all this stuff?”

“This is not stuff...these are stories!”

“But you don't know these people.”

“No, but someone did and I can’t bear to think about them being thrown away. Every one of these old photos and magazines has a story to tell. Someday I’ll get around to figuring out how to do that.”

“Well you need to stop talking about it and just do it.”

And that’s how a mother/daughter duo from Texas (one born here...the other knew she’d found a good thing when she got here) decided to team up and translate the past into new designs for present and future generations. We subscribe to the creative, design, maker and upcycling world that has become synonymous with Pinterest and “Junking”, but we add our own unique twist to it. We love family history, the roaring 20's, the innovation of the 40’s, the apple pie ideals of the 50’s, and the freedom of expression in the 60’s, especially the amazing music selection.

Laura (a.k.a. Mom) is a graphic designer. She has a very distinctive eye and randomness to her designs, which comes from her “out there” sense of humor and the way she tends to think outside the box. Kitt (a.k.a. daughter) has a passion for fashion, styling, puns, and anything pertaining to history or random factoids. The result is radXdesign, a story all in itself, in all it’s retro-chic, Americana glory.

We welcome you to “our” world of funky throw backs and one of a kind designs. We hope these designs will prompt memories from your own past and inspire you to create new memories to pass on to the X’s in your own family.

X is the common thread.



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