Rays rays come on down.

Posted: Aug 02 2014

Dad always says “ Rays, rays come on down, make my body golden brown.” That phrase has stuck with me. It is quintessential summer, bringing to mind images of the sun brightly shining down, the feel of a cool Texas coastal breeze, the sound of water lapping on a lake shore or against your tube as you float down the Guadalupe, Comal, or Frio rivers in the Hill Country. Summer means that it is time to escape to the nearest cool water you can find and bask in the long, warm days that turn your body into that perfect shade of bronze, (just remember the sunscreen please).

If Texans know anything besides BBQ and how to make things bigger, they know HOT. As a child you are baptised into the long tradition of weekends escaping the humid and muggy cities and towns and getting yourself into that cool water as soon as heavenly possible.

The Right to Bare Arms shirt is our manifesto to summer and the memories of cooling off in the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico, water skiing for the first time on Lake LBJ, or smelling the familiar smell of hot, old, rubber inner tubes as you float along the cypress and pecan tree-lined limestone river beds of the Hill County.

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  • Posted by Randi Hamlyn on August 13, 2014

    I love this! I can hear your dad saying that, too! Way to go, ladies!

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