Two Steppin!

Posted: Aug 02 2014

dance hall in Luckenbach

The Texas Two Step is the go to dance for anyone on a saw dust dance floor. It wouldn’t exist today without the legendary dance halls of Texas. Growing up I heard stories of my parents in their tight fitting wrangler jeans and boots dancing the night away in Panna Maria, Kosiusko Community Hall, or Hobson Hall. They still hold dances at many small town halls including Twin Sisters just up the road in Blanco County.

If you ever heard of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, or George Strait then you probably know they started at small dance halls across Texas. Some like Gruene Hall or Luckenbach might be slightly more famous, but they all have the same vibe. They represent a golden era of family fun, a place to go within the community and socialize, congregate, and bond as a town. Dance Halls are the backbone of Texas society and dancing the two step was just another way to communicate.


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