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Posted: Aug 24 2014

My family is fortunate to have experienced rural life and known people in the industry. Dad's stories about Uncle Ben and the hog trough or building the grain silo in Hobson, are the inspiration for our On The Farm shirt. But you don't have to grow up with those experiences to appreciate local agriculture.

Our hats are off to all the farmers, ranchers, and people involved in any aspect of the agricultural or livestock industry today. It has to be a labor of love to get up before the sun rises and not hit the hay until long after the sun has gone down. It is a job filled with a lot of what ifs.

What if it doesn’t rain today?

What if the price of feed goes up?

What if that sick calf doesn’t recover?

What if I can’t get those grasshoppers under control?

What if...?

One can only control what they can based on their experiences. The rest comes down to hard work, luck and faith.

Agricultural life, particularly the small farms and ranches, are not spotlighted enough in this country. With most consumers shopping at mega grocery stores, people do not think twice about where their produce and meat comes from, or how much work goes into bringing food to their local stores.

We still have my parent’s garden to raid for fresh veggies and fruit, but we also love to go to our local farmer’s market to see what is new and in season.

Where we live the farmer’s market is taking off. You can find several in the San Antonio metro area now. The largest and closest to us is the Pearl Market, but it is not the only one in town. Nothing compares to what truly fresh food tastes like. And meeting the people producing the food I serve means I know I am offering my family quality food. I also know that I am putting my hard earned dollars towards well deserving, hard working people who love what they do.

We hope you have the benefit of your own local farmer's markets or your own backyard garden to enjoy.


picking a fresh tomato

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