X is the common thread.

Posted: Jun 28 2014

When trying to decide on a name, we spent a long time thinking about what we have in common even though we each have our own unique quirks. We focused on our own families and the bonds that have grown from shared memories and experiences. Ultimately we came down to those characteristics we can physically see and those that are passed on through our genes from generation to generation.

The X chromosome is found in both males and females. Every one of our family members has their own unique X combination which is passed to the next generation. So while we are all unique, each generation carries a bit of the past with them. And of course the X chromosome was discovered before the Y.

More random factoids.

X is the roman numeral 10, and 10% is the amount we donate to charity.

X marks the spot, we don't know where that spot is, but historically it is associated with buried treasure. We'll let you know if we find it.

X is the 24th letter in the basic Latin alphabet. 2+4=6 which is divisible by 3 which is Tony's luck number.

In math x is the name for an independent variable and we tend to find our work varies and is independent from the "flash in the pan" fashion moments.

X also signifies multiplication and as our family has multiplied so have our "multiple personalities" when it comes to design styles, themes, and interests.

X also represents the unknown, person x, place x, or as with some of the images we have found, the authors and subjects are unknown, but so worth remembering.

The x-ray is so called because their discoverer had no idea what he'd found and sometimes we have no idea what the results of our finds will be until they end up on a canvas or shirt.

The X-Generation. We missed the X-Generation, but we cover the era before and multiple eras after.

X sometimes refers to the end of a conversation...we're not sure how this is actually used, since we love to converse and some of us (we won't name names) never shut up.

X was once used as signatures for those who could not write, which is why one of the causes we donate to relates to education.

XX for kisses dates back to the middle ages-see I told you we look backward for inspiration.

X for cartoon eyes mean lights out, but you may have noticed they always come back in one form or another.

X is found in ancient Etruscan, Greek and Roman languages. It has never changed its always an X.

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